benefits of learning at our Canggu surfing school

The benefits you can gain when joining our surfing school.

Professional Instruction

Access to trained instructors who offer effective guidance for all skill levels.

Complete Facilities and Equipment

High-quality surfboards, leashes, and changing areas provided.

Safe Surfing Experience

Top priority on safety with constant monitoring of conditions.


Below are some frequently asked questions by prospective students of our surfing school. We hope these answers will provide you with a better understanding of the services and facilities we offer. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us through our contact page.

To enroll in our surfing school, you need to meet the basic swimming requirements and have sufficient health. Additionally, the minimum age allowed to participate in surfing lessons is 8 years old. Please make sure to read the detailed registration requirements on our registration page.

Information regarding the cost and schedule of lessons can be found on our “Price and Schedule” page. We offer various packages and options based on the level of experience and the desired duration of the course. Please note that the schedule may change depending on weather conditions and waves.

At our surfing school, we provide comprehensive facilities and professional equipment to enhance your learning experience. Facilities include changing rooms, storage areas, and access to classroom space. Equipment such as surfboards, leashes, and swimwear are also provided during lessons.

Our instructors have extensive experience in the world of surfing and have received professional training in providing surfing lessons. They understand the local conditions and characteristics and are committed to delivering safe, effective, and enjoyable teaching to the students. You can visit the “Instructor Team” page to view profiles and qualifications of our instructors.



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